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Alecia: Black Lace & Blonde Hair In My Bed

Release Date: 2019-05-30, Duration: 0 minutes

Teenage beauty Alecia caused quite a stir (in all the right places) when she made her debut with X-Art this spring. This blonde, blue-eyed beauty is back, and she is no mood for reading as she crawls into bed. Seductive beyond belief in her black negligee, Alecia laughs with delight as she inspects her guy's large erect cock under the sheets. She knows just how to drive a man crazy as she licks and sucks his manhood while maintaining eye contact. When he is about to burst, she mounts him cowgirl style and fills her tight pussy as he fondles her lovely tits. Then Alecia gets naked and moans in orgasmic delight as he fucks her from behind. As they turn the heat up and continue changing positions, she realizes that she is having one orgasm after another. And because this honey is so limber and gymnastic, Alecia wants to try everything. No wonder she cannot resist showing that little smile on her face. Watching Alecia fuck with such grace is poetry in motion. XOXO, Colette

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