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Alexa: Beauty In Blue

Release Date: 2019-04-15, Duration: 0 minutes

I think it is a great idea to dress Alexa in blue lingerie. You can see why this 5'10" beauty with the mesmerizing green eyes already is a successful fashion model. She looks great in everything and keeps her lean body in perfect athletic trim. When she decides to play tease-the-photographer by getting naked and spreading her lips, she overwhelms everyone with her natural, uninhibited sexuality. Naturally, I agreed when Alexa caught Jean's eye and suggested that we move on to wine, a fireplace and some passionate fucking. Capturing her delight as she sucked his cock, got wet as he licked her pussy, and then continued to have hard orgasms as Jean's ample manhood filled her up is fabulous erotic art. And Alexa loves that she is turning you on as well. Cheers, Brigham

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