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Alina H & Naomi B: Your Luckiest Night

Release Date: 2019-04-26, Duration: 0 minutes

Imagine: You’re sitting at a bar. Looking for a girl to hang out with. Instead of one girl you meet two. And turns out they were actually on the prowl to pick up a guy like you and have an adventurous threesome. Guys I know you’re thinking that this just doesn’t happen, but it does! Believe me! And it could be you next. Double doggie, double blow-jobs and wild girls with model bodies and faces. Hey...girls just want to have fun too! Make it their perfect night. Or if you want to stay in; watch this mind-blowing video by yourself or with your partner for out of this world orgasms or an instructional video the right way to have a threeway. Try this at home, you won’t be disappointed. xxoo ~ Colette ❤️

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