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Anya: The Ranch Hand

Release Date: 2019-01-23, Duration: 0 minutes

New X-Art Girl Anya Olsen is so spectacularly beautiful that it is easy to forget that she has an insatiable sexual appetite. Anya doesn't want just to be admired. But on the Ranch, she wouldn't consider sucking cock or fucking the right guy without keeping her black riding boots on. The petite brunette with the luminous eyes and that perfect ass knows exactly what she wants and what gets her pussy wet. Anya turns heads everywhere when she is in (and out) of those tight, short jeans. And if some kinky sex play in the barn involves a little bondage, well, why not? All this is the true meaning of a "booty" call out West, right? Anya is so achingly desirable and so pretty that I bet the guys and gals of X-Art World are going to be begging for more of her real soon. XOXO, Colette

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