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Carrie & Alena: These Girls are on FIre

Release Date: 2018-10-07, Duration: 0 minutes

Here's some insider info for you. Sometimes our X-Art Girls are having such a good time during a shoot that they forget all about the crew. The sex always is real, but there also are those special times when beautiful models get so turned on that all they want to do is fuck each other in the best way possible. We become voyeurs! Today we introduce Hungarian supermodel Alena. Trust me, you are going to see that she is achingly desirable and so adorable. She hooked up with Carrie, who already is a true sexual superstar at X-Art with both boys and girls. Beauty meets beauty. Instant desire. Both girls laughed, giggled, teased, kissed, and caressed each other as their young pussies grew wetter. And once Alena and Carrie got naked, their tongues and fingers took over. Personally, I loved their orgasmic pussy licking, the finger fucking, the 69 passion, and their spontaneity. Hell, I love every moment. What do you think? XOXO, Colette 

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