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Carrie: Czechmates

Release Date: 2018-10-02, Duration: 0 minutes

When it comes to playing chess, X-Art favorite Carrie knows all the right moves. And a few more. But this fox is outfoxed when her partner decides to make the classic "pawn to clitoris" move (you should try it!) and the result is immediate sexual stimulation. Carrie discards the field of play and moves to a new one where her sexy bra and panties aren't a distraction. Playful as ever, this American beauty with the killer body and those gorgeous brown eyes loves to have her pussy licked almost as much as she gets off sucking dick. And when she gets on top and fills her young pussy with her guy's throbbing cock, the play heats up even more. Wouldn't you love to take this American fashion model from behind and watch her sweet, tight ass move rhythmically as she shudders in happy orgasmic pleasure? Carrie's final play is strictly missionary, and she wants his manhood deep and hard in her as she cums once more. Czechmate! XOXO, Colette 

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