Eveline: Inside Eveline's Hot Ass

Release Date: 2019-07-07, Duration: 0 minutes

Some models were born to mesmerize us. With her raven hair, hazel eyes and high cheekbones, Eveline does look like a goddess. With the afternoon sunlight bathing her petite, physically fit and oh-so-desirable body as she lies on the bed's satin seats, you can be forgiven for feeling romantic. Lucky for us, this European beauty loves sex with a tender intensity that is amazing. "I don't believe in limits or silly boundaries," Eveline says. "I believe in what feels great and that definitely includes multiple orgasms and adventure." This girl likes it slow and fast; sensual and hard; and she gives unforgettable, unhurried blowjobs. "I love a hard, throbbing cock that fills me up," she adds with that dazzling smile of hers. "And I really cum hard during anal sex as well. I guy who knows how to fuck my pussy and my ass just right is going to be invited home often!" Believe me: This hot shoot definitely is a keeper. XOXO, Colette

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