Jessica: A Beautiful Place

Release Date: 2018-11-14, Duration: 0 minutes

"What a piece of work is woman... in action how like an angel... the beauty of the world...." -- William Shakespeare.  OK, so I am paraphrasing The Bard.   Sometimes, a photographer just has to let his lens and a stunning model express themselves.   Jessica is a sublimely beautiful and effortlessly sexual young woman.   Watch as she slips into something more comfortable -- her naked body -- and glories in being the young woman that she is.   Her eyes.  Her lips.   Her flat stomach and the curve of her beautiful back.   The perky breasts.   Those legs.  Her firm, sexy as hell ass.   The lips of her flowering pussy.   Will she touch herself?   Will she have an orgasm? Sometimes it doesn't matter.   We just want to watch.

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