Jill Kassidy: Secret Love

Release Date: 2019-02-16, Duration: 0 minutes

Due to member demand, we have brought this video over from colette.com to x-art:-) Jill is so hot and we can't get enough of these two together so why not? ;-))

There is something about Jill that shouts, "What a body!" True, she is a physical fitness fanatic who is superbly toned. This Texas girl is beautiful from head to toe, and her magnetic eyes and inviting smile are unforgettable. Jill is flirtatious, playful, totally relaxed, and ready for Jean's big  cock. I do mean ready! Lovely Jill prides herself on her oral skills and when she decides to deep throat, she can drive any man into ecstasy. Petite Jill also loves to ride a dick with a sexual intensity that is hot and so real. Want to know a secret? Jill's biggest orgasm cums when she uses her gymnastic  balance to fuck Jean in a way that you don't see everyday. What lovin' trick does she use? Check out this shoot to find out. XOXO, Colette

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