Jill Kassidy: Welcome To The Jungle

Release Date: 2019-05-19, Duration: 0 minutes

Welcome to the jungle...it gets hotter here every day! Especially when you have gorgeous, petite stunning Jill (who loves sex and loves to please). This video kind of makes me laugh (before I get turned on). I imagine it's because this is what I see: Little, cute Jill cruising the jungle in my hooded bathrobe. Kind of aimlessly looking for something and carrying a picnic basket like in little Red Riding Hood. Then all of a sudden she sees James, the wolf, and as soon as their eyes lock she is in heat. Like a super power penis seeking missile. She could climb trees or do all kinds of Hunger Games shit to get his giant throbbing cock into her tight and soaking wet pussy. Now this next part might be because my dogs are in heat and I keep having to watch them humping for hours on end, but I see James and Jill going at it with such passion you'd have to turn the hose on them to get his huge dick from the death grip Jills pussy has on it. Finally they both orgasm! Finally! And the fairytale is all over her face. They lay on the soft bed of greens and snuggle through the night. Remember there are animals in the jungle, all kinds. xxoo love, Colette

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