Kenna: Just Like Valentine's Day

Release Date: 2019-06-01, Duration: 0 minutes

Who wouldn't love to have Kenna James for dinner (and dessert). As beautiful, real and fun as she is sweet: Kenna is the whole package and then some. When she brushes your arm, goosebumps appear. She has the majestic beauty of a Unicorn and is also the down home girl that can line dance and watch sports. You will see more of Kenna in sex scenes and LIVE sex only on X-Art.com soon. But for now, enjoy this beautiful dinner party for you and Kenna alone. She has this magic touch where she will be present for each and every one of you. If you enjoy the photos and video please like and comment below. We love all of our members. Kisses forever, Colette & Kenna P.S. It wasn't easy getting Kenna out of her cowboy boots;-))

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