Kenna: Kenna's Sexual Fantasy

Release Date: 2019-02-25, Duration: 0 minutes

Isn't it some men's dreams to have sex with a stunning model like Kenna? Now imagine she has only been with women? What if you were the lucky guy to show her just how good sex with the opposite sex can be? Imagine her tight, throbbing pussy wet with excitement for this new experience when she is 22 years old. Her boy/girl and group scenes will be beautiful and exclusive to the X-Art brand. Our models are Goddesses like Kenna. Seemingly out of reach, but surprise she was pining for our own James Deen. The day was like a love story. I truly think this couple fell in love (I don't know how long, but if it's an orgasm a day then make it at least two weeks of uninterrupted lust for them). She then went to the gym and invited a hot girl to show him what she's used too and finally to show us what she can really handle she then took Alex's 12 inch monster cock. You'll see the photos and videos all released soon on X-Art and Colette. Kenna is a true prize. Smart, beautiful, loves her work, always smiling, laughing and an utter joy to be around. The girl and boy crushes are flying when she walks in the room. Excited to welcome her to the team with Franzi and I! Believe me the price of membership should go up times 100 to watch these Kenna BG videos. But we won't do that. So watch or join and watch! xo Love Colette 💗I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

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