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Kenna: Kenna: The Next Lucky Man (OMG It's Alex!)

Release Date: 2019-02-19, Duration: 0 minutes

Two of the many things we love about Kenna are her sense of adventure and her desire to have fun. Our adorable girlfriend loves new adventures and is eager to reveal her intense and beautiful sexual appetite with only a lucky selection of men and women. (And she is Exclusively for us now!) She knows just how to touch a man or a woman with her soft and sensual hands. She brings a smile to everyone's face and makes you blush with Desire at her beauty and cute supermodel/girl next door looks. (If there is such a thing, this describes Kenna). She is polite, cultured, enchanting and a country girl: all at once. The kind of girl you dreamed about as a kid and still do. When she chose the sweet and gorgeous green eyed Alex, we thought lucky man, but will this be a fit? (Literally) Thankfully Kenna and Alex set the mood for some really REAL hot passion and that true friends with benefits relationship. That left the crew panting for more and a twinkle in their stunning eyes. This is the real deal! Get ready for more Kenna and James too (Kenna and I are concocting some scenes you won't forget!) And X-Art crew (and moi) will be traveling the country while we record her dancing journey. I guess..more to Cum? xoxo ~ Colette

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