Kenna & Lola: Blonde College Girl Perfection

Release Date: 2019-05-12, Duration: 0 minutes

Do you remember your college years? Are you in college? Did you ever wonder what those sorority girls on their drunken girls nights did? And I don't mean the softball team. I mean come on, who didn't experiment. Even if you didn't go to college and you're a girl didn't you want to try a foray into an orgasm or a soft touch from the same, softer sex? Kenna being the more experienced was able to lead little L•O•L•A on her informative journey. And let's just say. They liked it a lot! So, if you'd like to find out the keys to lesbian loving and you are man or woman and want to talk your girlfriend into trying out the same, well it's time to sign up now. Because rarely does Kenna show you just what to do on a new, timid girl. Who by the way, wasn't so timid after this scene. Both supermodel pretty, you couldn't ask for better instructors on what a woman wants. Believe me. Join and see. Love, Colette

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