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Kim: An Afternoon Inside Kim

Release Date: 2019-06-02, Duration: 0 minutes

Some of the most smoldering, sexual shoots for X-Art feature gorgeous European blondes. This time one of the stunning blondes is a brunette! And she has returned to get you HOT all over again! Fashion models get told what to do and wear. At X-Art they can change their minds and hair color whenever they want. Be it hair color or her desire to be with a man or a girl; right now, Kim knows what she wants. And her combination of charm, humor and an uninhibited search for great sex makes this girl the total package. Yes, she is beautiful and alluring. Personally, I think it is Kim's training as a ballet dancer that makes her even more irresistibly special in bed. And trust me: Kim's orgasms are the real deal! I know. XOXO, Colette

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