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Lena: Valentine's Day on Christmas

Release Date: 2019-04-08, Duration: 0 minutes

Lena still is only 18, but her statuesque figure and those long, gorgeous legs made her an instant fashion model. Lucky for you, she started to explore her sexuality this year at X-Art as well. All of Lena's appearances have been fabulously erotic and full of youthful, teasing enthusiasm. But I know what you want for Christmas: this American girl's first shoot with a guy! Jean has a soft touch as he gently unwraps this perfect Christmas present. The lovely arch of her back; her absolutely stunning ass; those full lips. Lena is the complete package, and sex with this valentine should not be rushed. Thus, a sensual massage increases the erotic tension. Our Lena's pussy is soaking wet and the anticipation is almost unbearable by the time Jean's cock penetrates her flower-like lips. A nice slow fuck feels so good. Then the action increases as Lena gets on top.  Turns out that she loves taking it as deep as possible as she surrenders to orgasms over and over. I love the blend of passion, intimacy and joyful fucking that Lena provides us throughout. Thanks to her, Christmas is cumming! XOXO, Colette and Brig

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