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Susie: Cream Dream

Release Date: 2016-08-22, Duration: 5 minutes

Susie loves to masturbate while you watch, it makes her cum.

She seems a little shy at first, but once in front of the camera she's all smiles.

"Let's get started", I say. She hops on the bed and starts rubbing her pussy through her pink cotton panties.

After a few minutes she's getting so hot she can't stand it anymore, so she pulls off her panties. She's excited to show you her beautiful pussy and she's getting more turned on because you're watching. She loves to be watched.

She slides her fingers inside, pulling herself open, showing how pretty and pink she is....she wants you to like it, she loves that. She slips one finger in as deep as it will go, then another....she loves the way it feels and begs you to look some more.

She asks you to take your cock out, she says, " I want to watch you cum, then I can finish". This is what she likes best, you're not sure you should do it, but she begs....

Watching you, watching her, she fucks herself hard with two fingers, picking up the pace. Finally she manages to get a third finger inside and has an orgasm that shakes the bed. Waves of pleasure wash over her and she looks at you and says, "thank you".

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