Sybil: Love Burns Again

Release Date: 2019-05-10, Duration: 0 minutes

It's been so long that we have all waited to see Jake and Sybil; his real life girlfriend in a hot  and steamy and real-life love making and casually kinky sex affair. Omg!! All couples and men can learn from Jake. He was in front of the camera and now he's behind. But ONLY for X-Art Jake has agreed to get in front of the camera with his soon to be wife. So watch, learn and live by the ways of Jake. A simple chivalrous guy who can get ANY woman (or man if he wanted 😂) and show true love, true passion and true friendship. Jake and Sybil are an example of what all couples want to be. Don't miss this scene. It's worth the price of membership alone. I love you all and wish you love! Join us today and support our cause. Sex makes people happy if you are 18 or 80 or even older! (btw rip Hugh, the changer of an era). We respect his work and are bringing X-ART into the world as a new solution for quality erotica. Cum in. I'll make your day/week/month! Love, Colette and Brig AAAAww! So sweet its scorching hot with emotion. Cum inside for this long awaited real life masterpiece xxoo Love, Colette & Brig, Kenna & Cindy

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